Hema Saraswati

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Hema Saraswati
Native name হেম সৰস্বতী

Hema Saraswati (Assamese: হেম সৰস্বতী) (fl. late 13th century) was amongst the earliest known Assamese writers, most known for his poem, Prahlada Charita, the earliest known poetic work in Assamese language.[1] He was court poet under the patronage of Kamtapur's King Durlabh Narayan of Kamata Kingdom, who also provided patronage to his contemporary, Harivara Vipra.[2] He wrote Prahlada Charita based on a story found in Vayu Purana and Har-Gauri-Sambaad, a version of Kumarasambhava by Kalidasa.[3][4]

His concurrent writers are Rudra Kandali, Kobiranta Saraswati, Madhav Kandali, Horibor Bipro etc., who gave a strong initial base to Assamese Literature.


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