Henderson Secondary School

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Henderson Secondary School
Henderson Secondary Pic.JPG
100 Henderson Road, Singapore 159544
Type Government
Motto Education for Life
Established 1974
Session Single-session
School code 3016
Principal Mr Simen Lourds
Colour(s) White, Dark Blue

Henderson Secondary School (Abbreviation: HSS) was a mixed/co-ed, single session, government school in Bukit Merah, Singapore. It was located at 100 Henderson Road, Singapore 159544. Mr Simen Lourds was the |Principal]] of Henderson Secondary School.


Henderson Secondary School began in 1974 on Friendly Hill at Preston Road is headed by Mr Gan Kee Soon.

The school gradually shifted to the current address in 1976 due to the increase in the number of enrolled students. In 1981, the school badge was changed to be in the shape of a shield. In the centre of the shield, there is a book which signifies knowledge and a flame which Hendersonians strive to keep ablaze and an upright figure which signify the youth of life.

In the year 1994, the school shifted to a temporary holding campus in Queensway to make way for the rebuilding of the campus in Henderson Road. Three years later, the school held a homecoming event where all the students and the principal took a walk from the temporary school back to the new campus.

Henderson has been led by the following people: Mr Gan Kee Soon (From 1974 to June 1979), Mr TP Naidu (from 1979 to December 1981), Mdm Lau Kam How (from December 1981 to November 1988), Mr N Subramaniam (from Nov 1988 to Nov 1996), Mrs Ho Woon Ho (from December 1996 to December 2000) and Mrs Yeo Chin Nam(from December 2000 to today(2008)) now the new principal is Mr Simen Lourds (2009-2016)[1]

Cultural exchange[edit]

The school was host to twenty visiting students from Pengiran Jaya Negara Pengiran Haji Abdulud Bakar Secondary School in Brunei.[2] 2007 was the first time that this cultural trip had taken place with secondary students.


Henderson Secondary School excelled in many sporting activities.

During Mrs Ho Woon Ho's tenure as Principal, sporting CCAs were cultivated strongly into the students lifestyle. This is an initiative to keep students away from drugs and illegal activities.

Cross-country running and swimming were sporting events in which the school performed well at a national level.

From cross-country, Henry Wong had always ranked within the top 10 in the school nationals competition.

From swimming, Fu Chuanyao Henry won 2 bronze medals in the school national competition for the B division and A division. He initially started off as a breaststroker, but slowly developed into a freestyle sprint specialist. He stills actively swim and participates in Masters competition. In the recent SEAP masters competition, he showed his tenacity despite his age, claiming 2 golds and a silver


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