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Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
Discipline Second Temple Judaism, Christianity and Judaism in Late Antiquity
Language English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish
Edited by Corrado Martone
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Biannual
ISSN 0393-6805
LCCN 82647159
OCLC no. 6547176

Henoch: Studies in Judaism and Christianity from Second Temple to Late Antiquity is an academic journal established in 1979 by Paolo Sacchi (University of Turin) that covers research on Second Temple Judaism in the period following the Babylonian exile, and the interactions between formative Judaism and formative Christianity up to the rise of Islam. The editor-in-chief is Corrado Martone (University of Turin). The journal is published by Morcelliana (Brescia, Italy) and sponsored by the Michigan Center for Early Christian Studies.


The ancient patriarch Enoch is the hero and patron, not because the interests of the journal are restricted to "Enochic Studies", but because Enoch is an inter-canonical, interdisciplinary character par excellence and as such requires an inter-canonical, interdisciplinary approach by specialists of both Judaic and Christian Studies. Enoch is the symbol of the determination to go beyond the traditional boundaries that divide the field of research of ancient Judaism and Christianity.


The journal has six distinct linguistic (American, French, German, Israeli, Italian, and Spanish) editorial boards to give recognition to the specific contribution of each national school to the development of the field.


The journal was established in 1979 by Paolo Sacchi ( University of Turin). The interests of the journal ranged from the Bible to contemporary Judaic studies, but already with a clear emphasis on ancient Judaism, including Christian origins. For the first eight years (1979–1986) the journal was published by Marietti (Casale Monferrato, then Genoa, Italy)]. In 1987 the publisher became Zamorani (Turin, Italy)]. From 1989-1995 Bruno Chiesa was the Editor-in-Chief and Claudio Gianotto from 1996-2004. In 2005 the journal moved to a new publisher, Morcelliana. As signified by the new subtitle, "Studies in Judaism and Christianity from Second Temple to Late Antiquity", the journal shifted its focus from the broader field of Judaic Studies to the period following the Babylonian exile up to the rise of Islam. Gabriele Boccaccini was appointed as the new editor-in-chief.

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