Henry Charles Angelo the Younger

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Henry Charles Angelo the Younger in a pencil drawing by W.H. Nightingale, 1839. National Portrait Gallery, London.[1]

Henry Charles Angelo the Younger (1780-1852) was a British master of fencing, part of the Angelo Family of fencers.

Early life[edit]

Henry was born in 1780[2] to Henry Angelo (1756-1835). He was the grandson of Domenico Angelo Malevolti Tremamondo (1716 or 1717 to 1802), the founder of the dynasty.


The younger Henry took over his father's fencing academy in Bond Street from his father in 1817. He subsequently moved it to St. James's Street (1830-1896). He was superintendent of sword exercise to the British Army and the Royal Navy (1833-1852).


Henry died in 1852. He is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.[2]

Selected publications[edit]


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