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Henry Thomas Hamblin (19 March 1873 – 28 October 1958) was an English mystic and New Thought author.

Spiritual teaching[edit]

The essence of Hamblin's mystical experience and philosophy was of the omnipresence, omnipotence and all-goodness of God ("The Kingdom or realm of God is with us now and always").[1][better source needed] He believed that "abounding health, sufficiency of supply, achievement, accomplishment and joy indescribable are the normal state for man.",[This quote needs a citation] and that, to achieve this state, man needed to come into "harmony with Cosmic Law".[This quote needs a citation] Over time the emphasis of Hamblin's written work changed from showing people how to change their lives through right thought and faith, to teaching them how to find a living consciousness of God for himself alone.

Hamblin's work is continued to this day through the Hamblin Trust,[2][better source needed] a registered charity which publishes his books and the magazine New Vision (founded in 1921). The trust, set in three acres of gardens in Bosham, West Sussex, is also a venue for organisations and events promoting healthy living and personal development.[3][better source needed][4][full citation needed]

Selected works[edit]

  • The Fundamentals of True Success (1924)
  • Right Thinking and its Application to Inward Attainment and Outward Achievement (1921)
  • Dynamic Thought : Harmony, Health, Success through the Power of Right Thinking (3 editions published between 1921 and 1923)
  • Divine Adjustment : How Divine Law works in our life (1937)
  • The Life of the Spirit (6 editions published between 1920 and 2012)
  • Tagiĝas [in Esperanto] (F.H. Emptage, College Press, Deal, Kent, no date)
  • Life Without Strain (5 editions published between 1941 and 1974)
  • The Power of Thought (1920)
  • The Message of a Flower (10 editions published between 1921 and 1928)
  • My Search for Truth (1938)
  • The Story of My Life (Science of Thought Press 1947 – published for private circulation only)
  • The Way of the Practical Mystic (Polair Publishing, 2004)
  • Within You is the Power (1953)


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Further reading[edit]

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