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Sir Henry de Baliol of Cavers (died 1246)[citation needed] was Chamberlain of Scotland.


Henry was a son of Eustace de Balliol by his wife Perronelle[citation needed]. He married Lora, daughter of William de Valognes, lord of Panmure, and sister of Isabel and Christina de Valognes. He obtained the chamberlainship which had been held by his father-in-law.

Although invited by King John of England to take his side shortly before the time of the Magna Carta, it is probable that he, like his sovereign Alexander II, joined the party of the barons. He is mentioned in the Scottish records in the years between 1223 and 1244, and the appointment of Sir John Maxwell of Caerlaverock, who appears as Chamberlain in 1231, must either have been temporary, or Baliol must have retained the title after demitting the office, which George Crawfurd supposes him to have done in 1231. In 1234 he succeeded, in right of his wife as coheiress, along with her sister Christina and brother-in-law Peter de Maule, to the English fiefs of the Valognes family, vacant by the death of Christian, countess of Essex; it was a rich inheritance, situated in six shires.

By Lora he had four known children:

  • Guy (d. August 4, 1265) who died in the Battle of Evesham
  • Sir Alexander of Cavers (d. before June 1311), who also served as Chamberlain of Scotland
  • William "le Scot" (c1251-c1313), who was the progenitor of the Scot/Scott family of Nettlestead and Scot's Hall in Kent
  • only daughter Constance, who married a member of a Fishburn family in England (perhaps the Fishburn family of County Durham)[citation needed]

In 1241 he attended Henry III of England to the Gascon War, and, dying in 1246, was buried at Melrose.


Stirnet source should not be assumed to be correct it cites 2 sources one that can no longer be found and the Other is the Lives of Baillies , a source that can be found for free on Google,a source best suited for the Baillies Henry de Baliol died at the Battle of Annan S.P. https://archive.org/stream/memorialsoffamil00scot#page/22/mode/2up http://www.douglashistory.co.uk/famgen/getperson.php?personID=I40015&tree=tree1

there is another source that says he died 1245 so if he died 1245/46 how could he be the father of William Baliol le Scot born 1251

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