Henry I, Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark

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Henry I
Margrave of the Ostmark
Margrave of Meissen
Margrave of the Ostmark
Reign 1075–1103
Predecessor Dedo I
Successor Henry II
Margrave of Meissen
Reign 1089–1103
Predecessor Egbert II
Successor Henry II
Born 1070
Died 1103
Burial Meissen
Spouse Gertrud of Braunschweig
Issue Henry II
House House of Wettin
Father Dedo II of Wettin
Mother Adela of Brabant

Henry I (1070–1103), called the Elder, count of Eilenburg and son of Count Dedo II of Wettin and his second wife Adela of Brabant, inherited in 1075 the marches of Lusatia and Ostmark.

In 1089, following the deposition of the anti-king Egbert II of Meissen, he was granted Meissen by the Emperor Henry IV. He was the first of the House of Wettin to govern that margraviate. It had previously been held by Vratislaus II of Bohemia, but he had never been confirmed in his possession.[1]

He was married to Gertrud of Braunschweig, daughter of the margrave Egbert I of Meissen, from which marriage he had only a son, his successor Henry.[1]

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Preceded by
Dedo I
Margrave of the Ostmark
Succeeded by
Henry II
Preceded by
Egbert II
Margrave of Meissen