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Her Name Is Calla
Origin Leicester/Leeds, England, United Kingdom
Genres Post-rock
Years active 2004–present
Labels Function Records
Website http://www.hernameiscalla.com/
Members Thom Corah
Anja Madhvani
Tom Morris
Adam Weikert
Tiernan Welch
Past members Andrew Coles
Sophie Barnes
Scott Everett
Michael Love

Her Name Is Calla are a post-rock band based in the English cities of Leicester, Leeds and Manchester.


After playing live throughout the United Kingdom to much critical acclaim, with the likes of iLiKETRAiNS and The Twilight Sad,[1] they released their debut album, The Heritage, in 2008, which was also positively acclaimed,[2][3] and was followed by a well-received headlining tour.[2][4] The album lasts over 50 minutes, despite only containing six tracks.

In February 2009, they announced their arrival on the German label, Denovali Records. Denovali re-released The Heritage on vinyl in late 2009.

The band released The Quiet Lamb, containing 12 tracks and lasting over 75 minutes, on 8 November 2010. NME gave it a score of 8/10, describing it as "massive, pastorally apocalyptic music".[5] The Sun called it a "ten-track jewel of a record" that engages the listener "in a rare and beautiful way".[6] The Quiet Lamb is ranked the 12th best Post Rock album of all time in a poll of fans and reviewers with a critic's score of 83.[7]

In 2014 after a turbulent hiatus,[8] the band returned with their reflective 3rd studio album Navigator which was supported by two UK tours and two European tours and single Ragman Roll. While the response to the Navigator was viewed positively by critics, it lacked the wider appeal witnessed with its predecessor.[9]

In 2015, celebrating a decade of the playing together, the band released a short documentary entitled ‘’A Wave of Endorphins’’; a title inspired by the popular track Pour More Oil which appeared on The Quiet Lamb.[10]

Lead vocalist Tom Morris has released music as a solo artist under the name T E Morris, as does multi-instrumentalist Adam Weikert as 'Weikie'. Bassist, Tiernan Welch does nothing.


Studio albums[edit]

  • The Heritage (2008)
CD album - limited to 500 copies, Gizeh Records (1/06/08)
Handpackaged cassette - limited to 20 copies. Personalized introduction and packaging with hand typed lyric booklets. Also included extra songs) (1/06/08)
Vinyl Pressing - Limited to 500 copies 100 copies clear w/ violet haze, 200 copies black and 200 copies clear w/ violet mix ) Denovali Records (17/09/09)
  • The Quiet Lamb (2010), Denovali Records (CD, CD in wooden presentation box, 2x12" vinyl in a triple gatefold. Available as picture disk, ultraclear or black vinyl)
2nd CD press, Gizeh Records / Denovali Records (17/09/09)
  • Navigator (2014)
  • A Wave Of Endorphins OST (2015)


  • Maw (300 10" vinyl with download) Denovali Records (April 2011)
  • Live at Denovali Swingfest 2010 - Three track digital download (Given away as free Christmas download in 2010)
  • "Long Grass" - limited edition - 10"+CD (100 copies on clear vinyl and black haze, 200 copies on black); CD version (200 copies in wooden box) (early Feb 2010)


  • "Kaleidoscoping" 7" split with Deadwall (500 copies) Come play with me (25/11/2016)
  • "Ragman roll" 7" (500 copies) Function records (10/10/2012)
  • "A Moment of Clarity" 7" (500 copies) Gizeh Records (10/9/07)
  • "Condor and River" CDR (250 copies) Loom (26/3/07)
  • "Hideous Box" CDR (500 copies) Self released (2006)
  • "The White and the Skin" CDR (unknown amount) Self released (2005)


  • Blueprints: Augustus, Will You Build Again? CDR Self released (2004)
  • The Cracked Wooden Hands of the Master Craftsman CDR Self released (2004)
  • Paraplegia CDR Self released (2004)



  • A Blood Promise DVD/CD (300 copies) Gizeh Records (2/03/09)

Band members[edit]

  • Tom 'Odell' Morris - Lead vocals, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Magnus Organ, Banjo
  • Sophie 'Elis Bexter' Green - Violin, Vocals
  • Nicole 'Scherzinger' Robson - Cello, Vocals,Piano
  • Adam 'Ant' Weikert - Drums, Piano, Banjo, Synthesizers, Guitar, Mandolin, Double Bass, Theremin, Vocals, Organ
  • Tiernan 'Florence' Welch - Bass, Vocals

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