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Herbert C. Kelman (born March 18, 1927) is the Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics, Emeritus at Harvard University.[1] He is known for his work in the Middle East including a 1989 off-the-record meeting between members of the P.L.O. and Israeli politicians and academics[2] in an effort to bring the two sides closer on important issues.[1] Kelman was born in Vienna, Austria.[3]

On August 1, 2003, the Program on International Conflict Analysis and Resolution, under leadership of Kelman was closed.[4] The Vienna-based Herbert C. Kelman Institute for Interactive Conflict Transformation was renamed in his honor in December 2010.[5]

Kelman is also on the advisory board of FFIPP-USA (Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace-USA), a network of Palestinian, Israeli, and International faculty, and students, working in for an end of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and just peace.[6]

In 1971, Kelman helped circulate a petition calling on faculty members at Harvard to refuse to pay their federal telephone excise tax in protest against the U.S. war against Vietnam.[7]


Kelman was the recipient of the 2000 James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award from the Association for Psychological Science in part for his service as "a model of the social responsibility of psychologists".[8] Kelman is a recipient of the 1997 University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order.[9] He was the winner of the 1956 AAAS Prize for Behavioral Science Research.[10]

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