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Herbert Nürnberg (born 16 July 1914) was a German boxer.[1]

Born in Kiel, Nürnberg won four times the German Championship in the Lightweight class (1937, 1940, 1941, 1942)[2] and took thrice the 2nd place (1939, 1943, 1944), won the International Tournament at Berlin 1937,[3] won the International Meeting at Berlin 1938,[4] and won twice the gold medal at the 1937 European Amateur Boxing Championships in Milan[5] and the 1939 European Amateur Boxing Championships in Dublin.[6]

Nuernberg represented Germany and Europe in many international matches in 1937–1943. In duals Europe vs. USA, he won twice in Chicago and Kansas City in 1937,[7] and lost one at Chicago 1938.[8] He played for Germany against the following countries: Italy, Hungary, Ireland, England, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Bohemia & Moravia, Slovakia, Croatia, and Switzerland.[9]

After World War II, he started his professional boxing career in October 1945. His record: Won 51 (KOs 25), Lost 4, and Drawn 18, Total 74 fights.[10]