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Herbie Laughton is a country singer from Alice Springs, Northern Territory. He was born in 1927 in a creek bed. He was a member of the stolen generation.[1][2] [3]

In 2005 he was inducted into the hall of fame at Music NT’s Indigenous Music Awards.[4] He was one of the artists featured in the Buried Country documentary and book.[5] His songs have been covered by Buddy Williams, Auriel Andrew and Trevor Adamson.


  • Herbie Laughton (1990) - Imparja
  • Country From The Heart (1999)


  • Beat the Grog (1988) - CAAMA
  • Desert Songs 1 (1982) - CAAMA
  • Desert Songs 2 (1983) - CAAMA
  • Fourth Nation Aboriginal Country Music Festival (1979)
  • Papal Concert, Alice Springs (1982) - Imparja
  • 25th Anniversary Compilation 1 (2006) - CAAMA
  • Buried country (2006) - Larrikin Records


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