Heritage Way

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Heritage Way
Studio album by Phil Pritchett
Released 2000
Genre Acoustic-folk
Length 37.1
Label Spitune Records
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The Austin Chronicle (Favorable) link

Heritage Way is the fourth album from Texas singer-songwriter Phil Pritchett. The album is noted for having a more personal introspective feel to it, having Pritchett playing most of the instruments and writing all of the songs. It is comparatively more acoustic-folk based than most of Pritchett's more rock-country based albums.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Phil Pritchett.

  1. "Summertime"– 5:09
  2. "Nowhere" – 3:10
  3. "Julianne Part II"– 3:32
  4. "Song For Keeps" – 4:00
  5. "Life of Paul" – 2:39
  6. "Guardian Angel" – 3:04
  7. "Beautiful Day" – 5:12
  8. "Feeling Port Aransas"– 3:34
  9. "Stumbling Free" – 3:28
  10. "Long Way Gone" – 3:21

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