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The Herkie (aka Hurkie) is a cheerleading jump named after Lawrence Herkimer, the founder of the National Cheerleaders Association and former cheerleader at Southern Methodist University. This jump is similar to a side-hurdler and to the abstract (double hook), except instead of the bent leg's knee being pointed downward, it should be flat while the other leg is straight in a straddle jump (toetouch) position.

The jump was invented accidentally, because Herkimer was not able to do an actual side-hurdler.[1] Common misspellings include: Hurky, Herky.

Jump Position[edit]

In a left herkie, the jumper has the left leg straight in a half-straddle position, and the right leg bent flat beneath them. In a right herkie, it is the opposite. When used as a "signature" at the end of an organized cheer, the jumper typically bends their weaker leg.

Arm Positions[edit]

When you do a Herkie, the arm positions depend on how your legs are. If you were to do a left Herkie, then your left arm would be straight up in a High V motion, and your right arm would be on your hip. If your were doing a right Herkie, it would be the opposite.


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