Hermann Berens

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Hermann Berens

Hermann Berens (7 April 1826 in Hamburg – 9 May 1880 in Stockholm) was a German Romantic composer famous mainly for his piano music, some of which is included in the Royal Conservatory of Music's Syllabus.

He was the son of a flute player from Germany. One of his popular pieces is Study in A minor, Op. 61, No. 32.

In 2006, the Trio ZilliacusPerssonRaitinen recorded Berens's three string trios, Op. 85, and the recording was released by the Intim Musik label (a Swedish company) in 2007. The booklet enclosed with the recording includes a detailed biographical note on the composer.

In 1999, Ars Amata Zurich recorded a CD (SUISA 25.818) that contains Berens's String Trio in C minor, Op.86 No.2.

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