Hermione-class frigate

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Class overview
Name: Hermione
Builders: Brest[1]
Operators:  French Navy
Planned: 2[2]
Completed: 2
General characteristics
Displacement: 350 tonnes [1]
Length: 37.4 metres [1] (115 French feet)
Beam: 9.7 metres [1] (30 French feet)
Sail plan: Ship-rigged
Armament: 30 guns
Armour: Timber

The Hermione class was a type of 30-gun frigates of the French Navy, carrying a half-battery of 12-pounder long guns on their lower deck as their main armament, and a complete battery of 6-pounder guns on the upper deck. Two ships of this type were built in 1699 on plans by Blaise Pangalo.[1] They were labelled "5th-rank frigates-ships" at the time.[1]


Builder: Brest [1]
Begun: May 1699 [1]
Launched: 23 September 1699 [1]
Completed: early 1700
Fate: "Lost" about April 1705 />
Builder: Brest [3]
Begun: May 1699 [3]
Launched: 24 September 1699 [3]
Completed: early 1700
Fate: Wrecked, either in 1733 at Port-Louis according to Vichot, or in the Indies in 1713.[3]

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