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Hern is an English masculine given name meaning "mythical hunter". There are variants including the English Herne ("mythical hunter God"), associated with Herne the Hunter. Hern is also common as a surname, including the British Isles variant "A'hern" and the Irish variant "O'Hern". Recorded alternative spellings include Harn, Hearns , Hearn, Hearne and Herne. People with the name Hern include:[1]

Word/nameEnglish language
Meaning"mythical hunter"
Region of originEngland
Other names
Related namesHerne

Other uses[edit]

  • Hern is an archaic term for a heron
  • The term has also become a synonym for "an American" (with the associated adjective "Hernian") among fans of The Goon Show, following the Goons' habit of parodying American accents with repetitions of "hern"
  • The term was also used on television in the early 1960s by Red Skelton, who was playing a visiting Martian in a skit and asked a passerby on the street if he "had change for a hern", the Martian unit of currency

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