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For the spider genus, see Hersilia (genus).
Hersilia Separating Romulus and Tatius (1645) by Guercino

Hersilia was the wife of Romulus, the founder and first King of Rome in Rome's founding myths. She is described as such in both Livy and Plutarch; but in Dionysius, Macrobius, and another tradition recorded by Plutarch, she was instead the wife of Hostus Hostilius, a Roman champion at the time of Romulus. This would make her the grandmother of Tullus Hostilius, the third king of Rome.

The principal source of traditions relating to Hersilia is Livy, I.xi:

Just like her husband (who became the god Quirinus), she was deified after her death as Hora, as recounted in Ovid, Metamorphoses 14.829–851:


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