Herzog (band)

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Origin Cleveland
Genres Power pop, Indie rock
Years active 2010 (2010)–present
Labels Exit Stencil Recordings
Members Brian Hill (bass), Dave McHenry (guitar, vocals), Dan Price (drums, vocals), Nick Tolar (guitar, vocals) and Tony Vorell (lyrics)
Past members TJ Duke (bass)

Herzog is an indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio formed in 2010. Their music has been described as "subtlety-free rock,"[1] and has been compared to the Cloud Nothings,[2] whose bassist, TJ Duke, formerly played in Herzog.[3] The band's frontman, Nick Tolar, graduated from Saint Ignatius High School in 2000.[4] They became well-known when NPR chose the song "Silence" from their debut album Search as a song of the year in 2011.[5] Their third album, Boys, was released on May 20, 2014. Dan Price, the band's drummer, has said that its music resembles Weezer and the other '90's bands he and his bandmates grew up listening to. He has also said that Boys is the best representation of his band's sound yet.[6]




  • Georgia/Paul Blart and the Death of Art (split single with Yuck, only 300 copies were made) (2010) - Transparent Records[7]
  • Mad Men (2014)  - Exit Stencil


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