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Hexes & Ohs
Origin Canada
Genres Electronic indie pop
Years active 2005 (2005)
Labels Noise Factory Records
Associated acts Jolly Bean, A Vertical Mosaic
Members Heidi Donnelly and Edmund Lam

Hexes & Ohs is a Canadian electronic indie pop group from Montreal. Their sound combines 1980s inspired beats and synthesizer sounds with indie pop structures and melodies. They have released three albums since 2005 and have opened for many artists such as Tokyo Police Club, Sloan, and Mates of State. The two members of Hexes and Ohs consist of Edmund Lam and Heidi Donnelly, who were high-school sweethearts with a passion to experiment musically and have together created a unique sound.


Heidi Donnelly and Edmund Lam have been making music for around a decade. Their first musical endeavour was a pop quartet called Jolly Bean. While with this band Heidi and Edmund recorded two albums and through the 90’s transformed from an East Coast pop style to a more electric sound. While together, Jolly Bean experimented with different styles of music included pop, grunge, and electronic. However, Jolly Bean did not last and turned into a trio called “A Vertical Mosaic” in 1999. The band was soon signed by a Canadian record company called Noise Factory Records and continued to make catchy and sophisticated songs. A Vertical Mosaic built up a strong fan base, especially in the band’s city or origin, Montreal. Despite A Vertical Mosaic’s success, they disbanded in 2004 due to disagreements between the members.

Edmund and Heidi persevered and created Hexes & Ohs shortly after A Vertical Mosaic was disbanded. They have always had an interest in music and a flair for experimenting with different sounds. In 2005 they released their debut album “Goodbye Friend, Welcome Lover” which consisted of songs recorded from their apartment. This unique collaboration of vocals, guitars, and the synthesizer started Hexes & Ohs on a journey of musical success and popularity. Their rise in popularity lead their debut album to peak on Canadian campus charts at number two nationally[citation needed]. Furthermore, “Goodbye Friend, Welcome Lover” continued to remain within the top Ten[citation needed]. CBC Radio 3 named “Whadaya Know?” one of their top 50 singles of the year[citation needed].


Edmund Lam and Heidi Donnelly make up the only two members of Hexes & Ohs. They are high school sweethearts who have lasted through the changing decades and still continue to create catchy and popular songs. When not busy with music, Edmund Lam is also a designer who specializes in websites and graphic design. Both instrumentally talented, Edmund and Heidi take turns playing guitar, bass, drums, synthesizers, laptop, and vocals. The couple have opened for Mates of State, Sloan, Aurevoir Simone, Tokyo Police Club, and Pony up! Heidi and Edmund have also performed at Pop Montreal, Canadian Music Week, North by Northeast, Halifax Pop Explosion, Ladyfest, and the CBC Radio 3 national tour.

As a side project Edmund Lam is also involved with a band called “You and Me”. You and Me focuses on intimate songs with rich vocal harmonies and classical accompaniments. Edmund Lam contributes to this band by playing the acoustic guitar.

Furthermore, both Edmund and Heidi were former members of the groups “Jolly Bean” and “A Vertical Mosaic.”[citation needed]

Heidi and Edmund got married in Montreal on July 31, 2010[citation needed].



  • Goodbye Friend, Welcome Lover – Noise Factory Records, May 2005
  • Motion K’Motion EP – Self Released Limited Edition Tour, August 2006
  • Bedroom Madness – Noise Factory Records, September 2008
  • Thank You – Lazy At Work, May 2012


  • Up.Remixed- Upstairs Recordings, 2008
  • Fear of A Digital Planet-Vinyl Republik, 2006
  • Québec Émergent 2006
  • Ladyfest Ottawa Sampler- Basement Attic Records, 2005
  • Noise Factory Sampler No.2- Noise Factory Records, 2005
  • Suburban Rebels-Duotone Records, 2004


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