Hiilawe Waterfall

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Hi'ilawe Waterfall
Waipio waterfall.jpg
Hi'ilawe Falls from below
LocationBig Island, Hawaii, United States
Total height1,450 feet
Number of drops2

Hiilawe Waterfall (or Hi'ilawe Waterfall) is one of the tallest and most powerful waterfalls in Hawaii located on the Big Island. The waterfall drops about 1,450 feet (442m) with a main drop of 1,201 feet (366m), into Waipio Valley on Lalakea Stream.[1] Lalakea Stream above the falls has been diverted for irrigation purposes so the falls can be dry even during the wet spring in March.[2]


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Coordinates: 20°05′52″N 155°35′57″W / 20.09778°N 155.59917°W / 20.09778; -155.59917