Hiilawe Waterfall

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Hi'ilawe Waterfall
Waipio waterfall.jpg
Hi'ilawe Falls from below
Location Big Island, Hawaii, United States
Type Horsetail
Total height 1,450 feet
Number of drops 2

Hiilawe Waterfall (or Hi'ilawe Waterfall) is one of the tallest and most powerful waterfalls in Hawaii located on the Big Island. The waterfall drops about 1,450 feet (442m) with a main drop of 1,201 feet (366m), into Waipio Valley on Lalakea Stream.[1] Lalakea Stream above the falls has been diverted for irrigation purposes so the falls can be dry even during the wet spring in March.[2]


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Coordinates: 20°05′52″N 155°35′57″W / 20.09778°N 155.59917°W / 20.09778; -155.59917