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Hilary Bailey (19 September 1936 – 19 January 2017) was a British writer, critic and editor. Bailey attended Newnham College, University of Cambridge, where she was a founder-member of the Cambridge University Women's Union.[1] She was born in Bromley, Kent.

Her books include Polly Put the Kettle On, Mrs Mulvaney, Hannie Richards and All the Days of My Life, with a heroine who suffers the fate of all women who step away from what's expected of them. She wrote a biography of Vera Brittain, and sequels to Jane Eyre and The Turn of the Screw, a novel called Miles and Flora, which takes place some time after the original and resurrects one of the main characters. Bailey edited volumes 7-10 of the New Worlds Quarterly series, and was uncredited coauthor of The Black Corridor with Michael Moorcock.

She was editing North Sea Island, the sequel to Bailey's book, Fifty-First State, when her heart stopped.

Hilary had three children, Sophie, Kate and Max and three grandchildren Alex, Tom and Bobby.[1]


  • Polly Put the Kettle On (1975)
  • Mrs Mulvaney (1978)
  • All the Days of My Life (1984)
  • Hannie Richards: Or the Intrepid Adventures of a Restless Wife (1985)
  • Vera Brittain (non-fiction) (1987)
  • As Time Goes By (1988)
  • A Stranger to Herself (1989)
  • In Search of Love, Money and Revenge (1990)
  • The Cry from Street to Street (1992)
  • Cassandra: Princess of Troy (1993)
  • Frankenstein's Bride (1995)
  • Miles and Flora (1997)
  • Mrs Rochester (1997)
  • Elizabeth and Lily (1997)
  • After the Cabaret (1998)
  • Connections (2000)
  • Fifty- First State (2008)
  • The Strange Adventures of Charlotte Holmes (2012)


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