Hill (crater)

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Hill crater AS15-M-0385.jpg
Apollo 15 image
Coordinates 20°54′N 40°48′E / 20.9°N 40.8°E / 20.9; 40.8Coordinates: 20°54′N 40°48′E / 20.9°N 40.8°E / 20.9; 40.8
Diameter 16 km
Depth 3.3 km
Colongitude 320° at sunrise
Eponym George W. Hill
Hill crater (lower right) and Carmichael crater (upper left) from Apollo 15. NASA photo.

Hill is a small lunar impact crater that is located to the west of the prominent crater Macrobius, near the eastern edge of the Sinus Amoris. This crater was previously designated Macrobius B before being given a name by the IAU. It lies just to the north-northeast of Carmichael, another renamed satellite crater of Macrobius.

This is a circular, bowl-shaped crater with an inner wall that has a relatively high albedo compared to the surrounding terrain. The inner walls are symmetrical in form, and slope gently down to the small floor at the midpoint, a surface about one-fourth the diameter of the crater. This formation is not significantly eroded, and is otherwise indistinguishable from many similar craters on the Moon.