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Hinari LP
Industry Consumer electronics
Founded 1987?
Headquarters Elstree, Hertfordshire
Products Domestic appliances
Parent Alba plc (Harvard International plc)

Hinari Domestic Appliances or Hinari LP is a British manufacturer of budget domestic electrical products. Hinari was acquired by Alba plc in 1989.

The Hinari range[edit]

  • 'Hinari Ellipse' - Stainless steel products including stylish jugs.
  • Hinari Lifestyle - Traditional white kitchen and coloured hand held appliances.
  • Hinari 'Body and Soul' range - A foot bath range.
  • Hinari ‘Café Continental’ - A range of coffee machine designed to prevent coffee from going cold.


Hinari has recently produced an electrical product named 'Hinari Aqua-Flow made using Brita's water filteration design and Hinari's 'style'. Hinari has also produced televisions along with Schneider.

Hinari is based at Elstree office along with Bush and Grundig UK.

Joanne Wood Design is the current designer for Hinari LP. [1]

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