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Raja Hindu Rao, Lithograph by Emily Eden in 1844

Raja Hindu Rao was a Maratha nobleman, the brother-in-law of Maharaja Daulat Rao Scindia of Gwalior, and the brother of the female regent of the Indian princely state of Gwalior. Following the Revolt of 1857, he shifted to Delhi where he was on friendly terms with the British Resident. According to Emily Eden, sister of the then Governor General of India, Lord Auckland:

"On a Revolution at Gwatia he retired to Delhi, where he now principally resides, and where he is well known in European society, with which he is fond of Mixing. Hindoo Rao is a very constant attendant on the person of the Governor-General wherever he may be in the neighbourhood of Delhi; making a point, generally, of joining his suite and riding with him on his morning marches." [1]

His residence was a scene of a major battle in Delhi during the Revolt of 1857[2] and has long since been converted into a well known Government hospital named after him.

Hindu Rao's house in Delhi, was extensively damaged in the fighting in the Revolt of 1857

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