Hippolyte-Julien-Joseph Lucas

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Hippolyte Lucas

Hippolyte-Julien-Joseph Lucas (20 December 1807, Rennes – 16 November 1878, Paris) was a French writer and critic whose literary output was largely centered on theatre and opera.

He was the author of several plays and opera libretti. In addition to his original stage works, Lucas also translated plays and libretti by other authors for performances in French. These included plays by Aristophanes, Euripides, Lope de Vega, and Calderón as well as Donizetti's operas Belisario, Maria Padilla, and Linda di Chamounix. He was the editor of Le Siècle, but his literary and theatrical criticism appeared in many other French journals as well, most notably L'Artiste, La Minerve, and Le Charivari.[1] He was also a bookseller and later served as the librarian of the Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal.[2]

Principal works[edit]

Opera libretti[3]


  • Caractères et portraits de femmes, Brussels: Meline, 1836
  • Histoire philosophique et littéraire du théatre français: depuis son origine jusqu'à nos jours, Paris: Gosselin, 1843
  • Curiosités dramatiques et littéraires, Paris: Garnier frères, 1855


  • Heures d'amour, Paris: Chez Jules Gay, 1864.
  • Chants de divers pays (previously unpublished poems published posthumously by his son, Léo Lucas, and Olivier de Gourcuff. Nantes: Société des bibliophiles bretons et de l'histoire de Bretagne, 1893


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