Hippolyte Louis Gory

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Hippolyte Louis Gory
Born 27 September 1800
Died 26 April 1852 (1852-04-27) (aged 51)
Residence Paris
Citizenship France
Nationality France
Fields Entomology
Author abbrev. (zoology) Gory

Hippolyte Louis Gory (27 September 1800 – 26 April 1852) was a French entomologist.


Hippolyte Louis Gory was born in Paris, 5th arrondissement the 27 (or the 28) September 1800 (the exact date is 5 vendémiaire an IX in the republican calendar). He was married to Sophie Marie Sotom at Paris 30 March 1826. He died 26 April 1852 at Paris, 11ème arrondissement.


Horn & Schenkling[1] give a list of 63 entomological works

One of his main works was the Histoire naturelle et iconographie des insectes coléoptères (1837–1841), volumes 2-4; Castelnau writing the first volume only. This has become one of the rarest entomological books.

Another well-known magistral work is the Monographie des Cétoines et genres voisins, published with Achille Rémy Percheron.

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