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Hiroe Suga (菅浩江?, Suga Hiroe, born April 21, 1963 in Kyoto) is a Japanese science fiction and mystery writer. She was first published in 1981. She has won three Seiun Awards – in 1992 and 2001 for best novel of the year, and in 1993 for best short story of the year.

She is also a musician and a qualified dancer in the Wakayagi school of Japanese traditional dance.[1] Music and dance have figured in her fiction.

She is married to Gainax founder Yasuhiro Takeda.


  • 1992: Seiun Award Japanese Long Form for Merusasu no shōnen
  • 1993: Seiun Award Japanese Short Form for "Sobakasu no figyua"
  • 2001: Seiun Award Japanese Long Form for Eien no mori Hakubutsukan wakusei
  • 2001: Mystery Writers of Japan Award Long Form and Series Collection for Eien no mori Hakubutsukan wakusei


English translation
  • "Freckled Figure" (1999), translation of "Sobakasu no figyua" (そばかすのフィギュア?) (1992)
  • "Five Sisters" (2012), translation of "Go nin shimai" (五人姉妹?) (2000)[2]


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