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So Shihan Hiroyuki Hamada

Hiroyuki Hamada (born October 29, 1925 in Satsumasendai, Kagoshima) is a Japanese martial artist. He was the founder of Nihon Koden Shindo Ryu Karatedo and master of Felton Messina.


At the age of 15 he began to practice the Okinawan style of Karate called Tomari-Ha in 1939. On March 1943, he graduated from high school after having lost 2 years of classes due to World War II, time which he used to concentrate in the study of Karate. That year he began to study other Okinawan styles such as, Shuri-Te and To-Te. Between April 1943 and March 1944 he dedicated himself fully to the practice and perfection of Karate.

On April 1944, he joined the Japanese Marines. By the time the war ended in 1945, he was part of one of the Air Force squads from Kurashiki. When the news of Japan's defeat reached him, he spent 10 days considering if he should commit Seppuku. After those 10 days he firmly decided to live and help others through Karate-Do. On August 1945, he returns to the city of Satsumasendai.

Creation of the style[edit]

Between 1945 and 1952 he intensified his Karate practices, traveling throughout Japan and dedicating himself to the study of two styles of Karate: Nihon Shindo Karate-Do and Nihon-Den Karate-Do. In 1952 he joined the Fire Department in his hometown and for the first time taught Karate. On the morning of March 28, 1964, in a Shinto temple called Isekotaigingie in the province of Mie, Japan, he created Nihon Koden Shindo Ryu. This new style of Karate he created was based on the modifications he made to the techniques he learned from the other styles of karate.


In 1975 he traveled to the Dominican Republic with Professor Jamaguchi (6th Dan in Judo) and Kenji Moriyama (5th Dan) to give Karate-Do classes. In one month, he performed exhibitions throughout the island and left Felton Messina in charge of the style in the Dominican Republic. On April, 1980 he retires from being Chief of the Fire Department in Satsumasendai. He dedicated his whole life to the practice and teaching of Karatedo and was the So-shihan (Supreme Master) of Nihon Koden Shindo Ryu until his death on September 16, 2003. Before his death in 2003, he gave Felton Messina the rank of So Shihan and left him in charge of the style outside Japan. The person in charge of the style in Japan is Hamada's nephew So Shihan Eturou Takeshita.

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