Hisham Shreidi

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Hisham Shreidi lived in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh in Lebanon and was the founder of sunni extremist group Osbat al-Ansar.[1] During the Lebanese Civil War in the 1980s Shreidi was a leader of the Islamic Association, a sunni fundamentalist group. However, in 1986 he was expelled due to his alleged ties with Iran.[1] Shortly after being expelled from the Islamic Association Shreidi formed Osbat al-Ansar. In 1990 Shreidi and his group supported a failed uprising against the al-Fatah militia which dominated Ain al-Hilweh.[1] On December 16, 1991 Shreidi was murdered by al-Fatah gunmen. His position in Osbat al-Ansar was succeeded by Abu Mohjen. His two sons Abdullah Shreidi and Mohammed Shreidi were also later assassinated apparently by al-Fatah.[1][2] The elder brother Abdullah died from gunshot wounds in July 2003. Mohammed Shreidi died in February 2004 after attempting to lead Osbat al-Ansar in a turf war against al-Fatah in Ain al-Hilweh.[2]


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