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This article is about the American record company. For the Croatian record company, see Hit Records (Croatia). For successful recordings, see Hit record.

Hit Records was a record company based in Nashville, Tennessee, which specialized in sound-alike cover versions of hit records.

Founded in 1962 by Bill Beasley, Hit Records were sold in dime stores for 39¢ (US), less than half the price of the hit recordings they were covering.[1] Located in Nashville, the home base for the country music recording business in the United States, the company had a pool of talented singers and musicians to record the cover songs. Some of these performers would later become successful on their own such as Sandy Posey,[1] Ray Stevens, Bobby Russell and Sam Moore of Sam & Dave.[2]

The company folded in 1969 due to competition from record companies such as K-Tel which issued various artists compilation albums featuring the actual hit recordings licensed from the various record companies.[3][4] Many Hit Records are very collectable and some of the performers on these recordings have developed their own fan base.


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