Hitler: A Study in Tyranny

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Hitler: A Study in Tyranny
Hitler, A Study in Tyranny.jpg
AuthorAlan Bullock
CountryUnited Kingdom
SubjectAdolf Hitler
PublisherOdhams Press Limited
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardcover and Paperback)
Pages776 (1952 edition)

Hitler: A Study in Tyranny is a 1952 biography of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler by the British historian Sir Alan Bullock.


Hitler: A Study in Tyranny was the first major historical study of the life of the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler.[1] In 1992, The New York Times wrote: "First published in 1952, Alan Bullock's "Hitler: A Study in Tyranny" remains the standard biography of the dictator and a widely respected work on the Nazi movement in general".[2] In 1998, Hitler expert Ian Kershaw described the book as a "masterpiece".[3] In his 2007 book Cultural Amnesia, critic Clive James wrote: "Books about Hitler are without number, but after more than 60 years, the first one to read is still Alan Bullock's Hitler A Study in Tyranny."[4]

A revised version was published in 1962.[5][6]

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