Hitler: A Study in Tyranny

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Hitler: A Study in Tyranny
Hitler, A Study in Tyranny.jpg
Author Alan Bullock
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Adolf Hitler
Publisher Odhams Press Limited
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover and Paperback)
Pages 776 (1952 edition)

Hitler: A Study in Tyranny is a 1952 biography of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler by the British historian Sir Alan Bullock.


Hitler: A Study in Tyranny was the first major historical study of the life of the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler.[1] In 1992, The New York Times wrote: "First published in 1952, Alan Bullock's "Hitler: A Study in Tyranny" remains the standard biography of the dictator and a widely respected work on the Nazi movement in general".[2] In 1998, Hitler expert Ian Kershaw described the book as a "masterpiece".[3] In his 2007 book Cultural Amnesia, critic Clive James wrote: "Books about Hitler are without number, but after more than 60 years, the first one to read is still Alan Bullock's Hitler A Study in Tyranny."[4]

A revised version was published in 1962.[5][6]

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