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Hoàng Gia Hợp
Deputy Minister of Health of the 1st Republic of Vietnam – Đổng Lý Văn Phòng Bộ Y Tế VNCH - Đệ Nhất Cộng Hòa
In office
19 June 1960 – 31 October 1963
Chánh Thanh Tra Y Tế
In office
November 1963 – April 1968
Sáng Lập – Viện Trưởng Bệnh Viện Hùng Vương of SouthVietnam
In office
April 1968 – February 1975

Hoàng Gia Hợp (1907–2009) was a Vietnamese prominent French Medical Doctor – A Pioneer Medical Professional in Vietnam for over 70 years from the 30’s until his retirement at the end of the last millennium.


He completed the French Baccalaureate II Diploma ranking Excellent - from Paris, France. He graduated from the French established Medical School in Hanoi Medical University – First Class of Medical School.


Hoàng is a direct descendant / oldest son of Dr. Hoàng Gia Hội, 1st class of Medicin established by the French Government in Hà Nội; an aristocrat family. He was married to Mrs. Khương Hữu Thị Võ – a wealthy and well-established family Khương Hữu [1] in ViệtNam, France, and the United States of America. Hoàng is brother-in-law of South ViệtNam High Ranking Navy "Flag Officer" Khuong Huu Ba that held positions of Superintendent of the South Vietnamese Naval Academy and Fourth Coastal Zone Naval Commander & Army Regiment Military Special Zone Commander. They have one (1) daughter Hoàng Thu Thủy (married to Doctor Tạ Minh Hiển – Canada)

Medical practice and political life[edit]

After graduating from Medical School, he worked for a French Hospital for 3 years. Subsequently, he found and established a private hospital in Hà Nội. Upon the division of North and South ViệtNam, Hoàng immigrated to the South. His medical practice was well known throughout the country, he assumed the position of Deputy Minister of Department of Health for the First Republic of South ViệtNam (trong thời đại nầy miền Nam ViệtNam không có chức vụ Thứ Trưởng – Đổng Lý Văn Phòng cũa Bộ là Thứ Trưởng).

Founder and CEO of Hùng Vương Hospital I SàiGòn[edit]

After cabinet member-level position, Dr. Hoàng served as chief inspector for the Department of Health for years. During this time Dr. Hoàng inspected, coached, and provided guiding directions to many hospitals across South ViệtNam. In this inspection role, Dr. Hoàng saw the necessity of helping the Vietnamese people to have better access to medical care. On his own and with his own savings, he founded and established Hùng Vương Hospital [2] which later became South ViêtNam one of the most prestigious hospitals. He continued to seek for private donation and American aids during the ViệtNam conflict to better equip the hospital with all modern medical technologies as well as training Hospital staff. Dr. Hoàng was one of key instrumental in managing, teaching, and judging many Medical Students Graduating Doctorate Theses. His signature was in many hundreds of Medical Doctor degrees from South VietNam only National Medical/Dental school in SàiGòn, ViệtNam.

Life in retirement[edit]

After two decades of internal civil war, Vietnam was united between North and South. Hoàng immigrated to Canada with his wife Mrs. Hoàng Khương Hữu Thị Võ.[1] He died on 7 February 2009 at the age of 102 years.


  • "Medical Profession is to serve and help the poor, the illness, and the unfortunate ones"


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