Hoàng Tích Chu

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Not to be confused with the painter Hoàng Tích Chù (1912–2003).

Hoàng Tích Chu (1897–1933) was a Vietnamese journalist.[1][2]


  1. ^ David G. Marr Vietnamese Tradition on Trial, 1920-1945 1984 Page 164 "Only in the 1930s were authors able to support themselves, at least in part, through sale of their fiction or poetry A still different influence was exerted by Hoang Tich Chu (1897-1932), who brought back from France the model of the journalist as aggressive but politically non-committed professional, totally dedicated to digging out the facts and writing them up ......"
  2. ^ Hy V. Luong Postwar Vietnam: Dynamics of a Transforming Society 2003- Page 263 "Linguistically, the movement begun by Hoang Tich Chu to communicate in spartan sentences, with the least possible ambiguity, exerted a lasting impact on both written and spoken Vietnamese (Marr 1981: 164-65)."