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Hexiwu (Chinese: t 河西務, s 河西务, Héxīwù), formerly known as Ho-Hsi-Wu, was a port city in China along the [[Grand Canal, China|Grand Canal]]. As Hexiwuzhen (), a locality of about 25,000 people, has now been absorbed by the municipality of Tianjin's Wuqing District.

It has been the site of a mosque for China's Hui for centuries.[citation needed]


During the Ming dynasty, the bursting of several dikes at Hexiwu touched off a crisis in 1424. Mu Jin and Zhang Xin directed efforts by more than 5,000 workers from the Ministry of Public Works to repair the damage and restore the irrigation system.[1]

The site played a minor role during the Boxer Rebellion, seeing battle on 25 July between the international relief force and the Kansu Braves under Dong Fuxiang.[2]


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Coordinates: 39°37′21″N 116°57′14″E / 39.62250°N 116.95389°E / 39.62250; 116.95389