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Hoag is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arthur Hoag (1921–1999), American astronomer
  • Bob Hoag, American record producer and songwriter
  • Charles Hoag (1808–1888), American scholar and teacher; first school master of Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Charlie Hoag (1931–2012), American professional basketball player
  • Dutch Hoag (1926–2016), American race car driver
  • Elizabeth Gorham Hoag (1857–1875), American sorority sister; founding member of Sigma Kappa
  • Harold Hoag (b. 1966), American professional wrestler
  • Jan Hoag (b. 1948), American film and television actress
  • Judith Hoag (b. 1968), American actress
  • Myril Hoag (1908–1971), American professional baseball player
  • Ryan Hoag (b. 1979), American professional football player
  • Tami Hoag (b. 1959), American romance novelist
  • Truman H. Hoag (1816–1870), American politician
  • Briana J. Hoag (b. 1992), Extreme qt

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