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Developer(s)Big Sandwich Games Inc.
Publisher(s)Big Sandwich Games Inc.
EngineClubhouse Engine
Platform(s)PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • NA: November 2, 2010
  • PAL: June 2, 2011
Win & OS X
  • NA: April 4, 2011
Genre(s)Action, strategy, shoot 'em up
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer, cooperative

Hoard (trademarked as HOARD) is an action-strategy video game developed by Canadian studio Big Sandwich Games Inc.[2] It was released in November 2010 in North America on PlayStation Network, and April 4, 2011 for the PC and Mac on Steam and was released in June 2, 2011 on the PAL PlayStation Network regions.[3]


Hoard is an action strategy game that combines elements of a dual-stick shooter with those of a real-time strategy game. Each player controls a dragon that has the ability to fly, breathe fire, and perform several special abilities with the help of powerups.

The core mode of the game, called "Treasure", challenges the player to collect as much gold as possible over a 10-minute period. Gold is earned in a variety of ways, the simplest being to use fire breath to destroy merchant wagons or buildings and then pick up the treasure chests that appear. Dragons have a limited carrying capacity, so from time to time the player must return to his hoard and deposit the gold there.

When certain key thresholds of gold have been collected at the hoard the dragon "levels up" and is awarded with upgrade points which can be distributed amongst four key abilities: speed, fire breath, carrying, and armor. Upgrading each of these items improves the dragon’s abilities, which can have a major effect on game strategy.

In addition to destroying things for gold, the player can earn gold in other ways such as kidnapping princesses for ransom, capturing wizard gems, and scaring villages into offering tribute. The player can also steal gold from other dragons and their hoards.

Treasure mode is the main mode of the game with over 20 maps available. Other modes include Princess Rush (be the first to ransom 15 princesses), Hoard (survival), and Co-Op Treasure mode (all dragons share a hoard and work together).

Hoard supports 4 players at a time, working competitively or co-operatively.

Global leaderboards are present in the PlayStation 3 version and will be in the PC (Steam) version.

Strategic depth[edit]

Hoard is somewhat unusual in that it contains elements of deep strategy and systems interactions typically absent from action-oriented shooters.

The medieval kingdom simulates with its own simple commerce, and the player’s interaction with the kingdom can have a large effect on how much gold the player is able to score. Farms and towns can be destroyed regularly, or left to grow to become prosperous. Generally, the bigger towns, castles, wizards towers and similar structures become, the more valuable they are but as a result are also better defended. Individual town buildings are also important, as the presence of markets or taverns help determine wagon value, number of thieves produced, and so on.

Dragon upgrade choices are also integral to the game’s strategy. In single player scenarios with only one dragon, the player is motivated to fine-tune his upgrade strategy to maximize points. In multiplayer scenarios, upgrading leads to interaction mechanics with strategies and counter-strategies similar to an RTS or fighting game.

Player progression and rewards[edit]

Hoard contains approximately 100 "badges", or mini-objectives which challenge the player to complete tasks of varying difficulty throughout normal play.

Badges award the player with experience points, which raise the player's dragon profile level. This is a title-only award that does not confer any game abilities.

On the PlayStation 3 version, Hoard contains 11 trophies worth a total of 315 points.


Aggregate score
Metacritic(PS3) 75% [4]
(PC) 65%[5]
Review scores
1UP.comB [6]
GameSpot75% [7]
IGN80% [8]

Metacritic rated the PlayStation 3 version of Hoard at 75 percent and the PC version at 65 percent.

IGN awarded Hoard "Best Quick Fix" in their PlayStation 3 Best of 2010 Awards,[9] and also nominated the game for "Best Competitive Multiplayer."[10]


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