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Software Web Monitoring
Software Web Monitoring
Original author(s) Henrik Storner
Developer(s) Henrik Storner
Initial release March 2005[1]
Stable release
4.3.27 / March 24, 2016; 18 months ago (2016-03-24)[2]
Operating system Unix-like
Type Network monitoring
License GNU GPL 2.0
Website xymon.com

Xymon, a network monitoring application using free software, operates under the GNU General Public License; its central server runs on Unix and Linux hosts.


The application was inspired by the open-source version of Big Brother, a network monitoring application, and maintains backward compatibility with it. Between 2002 and 2004 Henrik Storner wrote an open-source software add-on called bbgen toolkit, then in March 2005 a stand-alone version was released called Hobbit. Versions of this were released between 2005 and 2008, but since a prior user of the trademark "Hobbit" existed, the tool was finally renamed Xymon.[3] In January 2012, Quest Software discontinued development of Big Brother.[4]


Xymon offers graphical monitoring, listing the various services of each machine, as well as listing the number of mail messages queued after a defined level of downtime. Statistics are shown graphically for all monitored services.

Monitored hosts require installation of a client, which is also free software, and which forwards monitoring information to a Xymon server. Clients are available for Unix and Linux (in formats including source tarball, RPM and Debian package) from the Xymon download site at Sourceforge.[2] Windows hosts can use the Big Brother and Xymon-compatible BBWin client.[5] Plugins extend monitoring to new types of applications and services,[6] and many extension scripts for Big Brother will run unchanged on Xymon.[7]

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