Hobson's Choice (1920 film)

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For other films of the same name, see Hobson's choice (disambiguation).

Hobson's Choice is a 1920 British comedy drama film directed by Percy Nash and starring Joe Nightingale, Joan Ritz and Arthur Pitt.[1] A Salford bootmaker is irritated to learn his daughter is to marry one of his cobblers, and his outrage grows when they set up a successful shop which challenges his own for business.[2] It is the first film based on the play Hobson's Choice by Harold Brighouse.[3]


  • Maggie Hobson - Joan Ritz
  • William Mossop - Joe Nightingale
  • Henry Horatio Hobson - Arthur Pitt
  • Alice Hobson - Phyllis Birkett
  • Ada Figgins - Mary Byron
  • Vickey Hobson - Joan Cockram
  • Tubby Wadlow - Charles Stone
  • Albert Prosser - George Wynn
  • Fred Beenstock - Charles Heslop
  • Mrs. Hepworth - Ada King
  • Dr. McFarlane - Frederick Ross
  • Jim Heeler - Louis Rihll


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