Hodgkins School

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Hodgkins School
Hodgkins School, East Brookfield MA.jpg
Hodgkins School
also known as Lashaway Junior High
108 School Street
East Brookfield, Massachusetts
East Brookfield, Massachusetts, Worcester 01515
United States
Coordinates 42°13′32.50″N 72°3′3.25″W / 42.2256944°N 72.0509028°W / 42.2256944; -72.0509028Coordinates: 42°13′32.50″N 72°3′3.25″W / 42.2256944°N 72.0509028°W / 42.2256944; -72.0509028
School type Public Elementary School
Established 1882
Status Closed
Closed 2002
Grades 4-6
Language English
Communities served Town of East Brookfield

The Hodgkins School was a former elementary school in East Brookfield, Massachusetts. At the time of its closing in 2002, it was the oldest continuously operating public school building in the state.[1]


The school was named after David Hodgkins, a former United States army surgeon who later served on the school committee of the town.[2] At the time, it cost $6297.53 to construct.[2] The school served the community as the sole school in town until the mid-1950s when the nearby Memorial School was erected on the site. The school continued to be used as a middle school, then an elementary school from the mid-1950s to 2002, when both the Memorial School and the Hodgkins School were closed and the students and staff were moved into the brand new East Brookfield Elementary School.


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