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Hoi Ha and Hoi Ha Wan

Hoi Ha (Chinese: 海下; Jyutping: hoi2 haa6) is a place on the innermost shore of Hoi Ha Wan, Hong Kong. It is at the north of Pak Sha O in the Sai Kung Peninsula.

Hoi Ha archaeological site[edit]

A few coarse pottery sherds, prehistoric pottery sherds, stone implements and ceramic sherds of Tang, Ming and Qing periods were found in Hoi Ha in the two territory-wide survey.[1]

Hoi Ha lime kiln[edit]

There are also the remnants of lime kilns. There are total 4 lime kilns in Hoi Ha but only 2 remain comparatively intact; these two kilns were restored by the Antiquities and Monuments Office in 1982.

They are located on the eastern shore of inner Hoi Ha Wan. Limekiln industry was one of the oldest industries (1800-1939) in Hong Kong, which refined lime from either oyster shells or coral skeletons for construction and agricultural uses. In the processes, limestone, i.e. calcium carbonate, in the shells and corals would be transformed into calcium oxide by means of heating.


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Coordinates: 22°27′37″N 114°19′43″E / 22.460414°N 114.328483°E / 22.460414; 114.328483