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Hold Ye Front Page is an educational project published by The Sun newspaper. It comprises a website, [1] www.holdyefrontpage.co.uk, in which significant events in world history and in the histories of science and sport are described by "mocked-up" Sun front pages accompanied by explanatory articles and pictures.

The format is based on four books published by The Sun: Hold Ye Front Page (1999), Hold Ye Front Page II (2000), Giant Leaps (2006), and On Me 'Eadline (2007).

The first book, Hold Ye Front Page, was a UK best-seller, published to commemorate the Millennium and documented the history of the last two millennia. It won a British Press Award in 2000 from judges who praised its educational content, wit and self-parody. Its sequel detailed history from the Big Bang to the Birth of Christ. Giant Leaps charted the history of science. On Me 'Eadline did the same with sport.

Material from the books was updated and combined with new documentary video footage before being placed online on the Hold Ye Front Page website, which launched in September 2011. It was praised by a number of academics including the particle physicist Professor Brian Cox, from the nuclear research facility CERN, who described it as a "superb" learning tool.

Examples of pages on the site, and from the first book, include: