Hollywood Hollywood

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Hollywood Hollywood
Hollywood 2x.JPG
Studio album by Roberto Vecchioni
Released 1982
Genre Italian singer-songwriters
Label Philips
Producer Michelangelo Romano
Roberto Vecchioni chronology
Il grande sogno
(1984)Il grande sogno1984

Hollywood Hollywood is an album by Italian singer-songwriter Roberto Vecchioni.

The theme of the title track is cinema, but intermingled with other themes typical of Vecchioni's art: love, women, drinking. "Sestri Levante" is an autobiographical ballad about a painful love experience. "Parigi" (Paris) is another declaration of love for France and its poets, but, as usual, mixed to personal experiences and themes.

"Morgana" and "Dentro gli occhi" are instead two shows of Vecchioni's fable and dream inspiration.


Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hollywood Hollywood"
  2. "Ricetta di donna/Fellini "
  3. "Dentro gli occhi"
  4. "Sestri Levante"
  5. "Parigi (o cara)"
  6. "Hollywood Hollywood"
  7. "Casa dolce casa"
  8. "Morgana (luce di giorni passati)"

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