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Hollywood Playhouse (also known as Woodbury Hollywood Playhouse) was a 1930s radio anthology drama series that featured adaptations of plays and short stories. The program starred Tyrone Power when it debuted October 3, 1937, on the NBC Blue Network, switching to the NBC Red Network September 1939. Woodbury Soap and Jergens Lotion sponsored the show.

Charles Boyer starred in the second season, leaving in 1939 "for war service in France."[1] Herbert Marshall succeeded Boyer for nine weeks, and he was replaced by Gale Page and Jim Ameche until Boyer returned on the January 3, 1940, broadcast.[1] Page and Ameche once again headed the summer version of the program, beginning July 3, 1940.[2]

Actresses participating in the dramas included Joan Blondell and Margaret Sullavan.

Harry Sosnik provided the music.

The series continued until December 25, 1940.

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