Holon-Wolfson Railway Station

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Israel Railways
Coordinates 32°02′07″N 34°45′35″E / 32.03528°N 34.75972°E / 32.03528; 34.75972Coordinates: 32°02′07″N 34°45′35″E / 32.03528°N 34.75972°E / 32.03528; 34.75972
Opened September 25, 2011

Holon-Wolfson Railway Station is a railway station in the border of Holon and Tel Aviv on the Hod Hasharon Sokolov-Sderot line. The station is located in the Wolfson interchange on the Ayalon Highway, nearby Wolfson Medical Center.

Train service[edit]

The station is situated on the Hod HaSharon - Be'er Sheva line. All trains in the line stop at this station.

On most weekday hours there is a train every 30 minutes each direction, All trains stops at all stations of the line. On rush hours there is a train every 15 minutes each direction, Some of the southbound trains terminate at Rishon LeZion Moshe Dayan or Ashkelon and will not continue to Be'er Sheva.

Public transport connections[edit]

Nearby the station and Wolfson Medical Center, there is a bus terminal with local bus routes that link the station to Holon, Bat Yam, Rishon LeZion and southern Tel Aviv. On the terminal itself you can't enter the bus and you need to wait to the bus at the entrance of Wolfson Medical Center.


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