Holsten Pils

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Holsten Pils is a German brand of lager, a pilsner, brewed in the UK in the Mungo district of Northampton by Carlsberg Group.


It was first developed in the north of West Germany in 1953.

Carlsberg bought Holsten Brewery (Holsten-Brauerei AG) in 2004 for around 300 million euros.


It contains water, malted barley, glucose syrup and hops. In Germany it is known as Holsten Pilsener and is 4.8% alcohol by volume.

Production of Holsten Pils began in Northampton on Tuesday 1 November 2005.[1]

In May 2006 Carlsberg launched a draught version of Holsten Pils in a 30-litre keg. Each can has the motto Pure Brewing Excellence.

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