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The Holy Spirit Church in 2021

The Holy Spirit Church (Slovak: Kostol svätého Ducha) or Hospital Church of the Holy Spirit (Slovak: Špitálsky kostol svätého Ducha) is the oldest building in Košice-Juh (Košice, Slovakia). It is located at beginning of Južná trieda (South Avenue), close to the historic centre of medieval Košice.[1]


It is a baroque church erected between 1730 and 1733. The capacity of the interior is 200 people. The vault painting shows a view of Košice of the first third of the 18th century, when the town was surrounded by high town walls. The whole church emanates the atmosphere of a bygone era.[1]


The church is situated in the axis of former hospital buildings erected in the 13th century. The hospital there used to a charity organization for the very old, the poor, orphans, the homeless, the sick. The hospital was situated outside the town walls and the church was a part of it from the beginning. Unfortunately, it was pulled down in the beginning of the 18th century.[1]

At present, a house for pensioners is placed in the building.[2]


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Coordinates: 48°42′54″N 21°15′41″E / 48.714969°N 21.261457°E / 48.714969; 21.261457