Homecoming (Craig's Brother album)

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Craigs brother homecoming.jpg
Studio album by Craig's Brother
Released May 19, 1998
Recorded West Beach Studios, Hollywood, California
Genre Punk rock, pop punk, melodic hardcore, skate punk
Label Tooth & Nail Records
Producer Donnell Cameron
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Homecoming is Craig's Brother's first full-length album, released on May 19, 1998 through Tooth & Nail Records.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Insult To Injury" J. Bond J. Bond 3:23
2. "Going Blind" J. Bond A. Snyder 2:45
3. "In Memory" A. Nigh A. Nigh 2:42
4. "Homecoming" A. Snyder A. Snyder 2:57
5. "Nobody" A. Snyder A. Snyder 3:27
6. "Lonely Girl" J. Bond J. Bond 3:08
7. "Who Am I?" A. Nigh A. Nigh 3:09
8. "Sorry" A. Snyder A. Snyder 3:21
9. "Dear Charlotte" J. Bond J. Bond 2:23
10. "My Annie" A. Nigh A. Nigh 3:04
11. "One" A. Snyder A. Snyder 3:59
12. "Potential" J. Bond J. Bond 3:15


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