Hometown Jamboree

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Hometown Jamboree was an American country music radio and television show simultaneously broadcast each Saturday night by KXLA radio, Pasadena, California and KLAC-TV/KCOP and KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, California beginning in 1949. The show was hosted by Cliffie Stone and first held at the American Legion Stadium in El Monte, California, and later at the Harmony Park Ballroom in Anaheim, California. The show was the springboard for many of country music's premier musicians including Tennessee Ernie Ford, Billy Strange, Zane Ashton (aka Bill Aken), Speedy West, and a host of others.

Hometown Jamboree premiered as a weekly TV broadcast in December 1949 over KLAC-TV (later known as KCOP) in Los Angeles; in 1953 it moved to KTLA-TV, where it ran until its cancellation in 1959.