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Homoserine lactone efflux protein

The resistance to homoserine/threonine (RhtB) family (TC# 2.A.76) belongs to the lysine exporter (LysE) superfamily of transporters.[1] Hundreds of sequenced proteins, derived from Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria as well as archaea, comprise the RhtB family, but few of these proteins are functionally characterized.[2]


The first two members of the RhtB family to be characterized functionally were the RhtB (TC# 2.A.76.1.1) and RhtC (TC# 2.A.76.1.2) permeases of E. coli.[3][4]

E. coli possesses five paralogues, and a large region of one of them (YahN of E. coli; TC# 2.A.76.1.3) exhibits significant sequence similarity to YggA of E. coli (TC# 2.A.75.1.2), an established member of the LysE family (TC #2.A.75).

The PSI-BLAST program groups the LysE family (TC# 2.A.75), the RhtB family and the CadD family (TC #2.A.77) together. These proteins are all of about the same size and apparent topology, further suggesting a common evolutionary origin.[2]

The leucine exporter homologue (YeaS or LeuE; TC# 2.A.76.1.5) exports leucine and several other neutral, hydrophobic amino acids.[5]

A representative list of proteins belonging to the RhtB family can be found in the Transporter Classification Database.

General transport reaction[edit]

The transport reaction presumably catalyzed by members of the RhtB family is:[6]

amino acid (in) + nH+ (out) ⇌ amino acid (out) + nH+ (in)

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