Honda CM125

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Honda CM125
Honda CM125.JPEG
Manufacturer Honda Motor Company
Also called Honda Custom 125
Production 1978–2002
Successor Honda CA125 Rebel
Class Cruiser
Engine 124 cc (7.6 cu in)
Four stroke twin
Transmission 5-speed manual: chain driven
Frame type open diamond; tubular steel; engine as stressed member
Suspension oil damped twin shock
Brakes Drum front and rear
Wheelbase 1.280 m (4 ft 2.4 in)
Weight 139 kg (306 lb)[citation needed] (dry)
Fuel capacity 13 L (2.9 imp gal; 3.4 US gal)
Related Honda CD125TC Benly
Honda CB125 Superdream
Honda CM200T

The Honda CM125 is a parallel twin cylinder air-cooled OHC four-stroke cruiser motorcycle made by Honda from 1982 to 1986. It had a top speed of 65 mph (105 km/h).[1] The CM125C engine combines the single carburettor of the squat Honda CD125 Benly motor with the tall cylinder head and five speed gearbox of the sportier Honda 125 Superdream.[1]


The design used popular North American cruiser styling and copied features found on larger displacement cruisers and factory custom-styling. The CM125 had high handlebars, megaphone silencers, a teardrop-shaped petrol tank and a stepped seat. More chromium-plated and polished alloy parts were found on this model than on the comparable Superdream and Benly 125 models. The quality of the chrome-plated finish was such that corrosion was a problem. The ignition lock was between the instrumentation, which consisted of two binnacles, one containing a speedometer; the other, a set of three warning lights (neutral, turn, high beam). The ignition key also activated both the steering lock and the lock on the plastic tool box located under the off-side side panel. The drum brakes were actuated by a cable in front and a rod in the rear.[1]

The engine had a duplex camchain rather than the more common inverted-tooth type. Frame numbers started JC05-50 for the 1982-5 CM125CC and JC05-51 for the 1985-6 CM125CF.[1] The appearance of this model, greatly enhanced by its substantial-looking twin cylinder engine, meant it enjoyed particular popularity in the United Kingdom, where learner motorcyclists are by law restricted to machines of 125 cc and below until they pass their riding test and obtain a full licence.[1] The CM125 Custom was deleted from Honda's United Kingdom line-up in 1986.[1] It continued to be manufactured and sold in Europe and Singapore as the CM125CN (1992, frame numbers (JC05) 5500023-5505185), CM125CP (1993, frame numbers (JC05) 5600001-5608387), CM125CR (1994-1998, frame numbers (JC05) 5700001-5999999) and CM125CX (1999, frame numbers (JH2JC05A*/JH2JC05B*) XK000001-XK099999).[2] Its continuing popularity eventually led to another 125cc custom model being introduced, the Honda CA125 Rebel.


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